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Recreational space
Club House / Auditoriums / Health & Wellness

We prefer balance between cost, aesthetics and design elements with variety of expressions reflecting cuisines in interiors. It has been challenging as well as satisfying to be involved in the design of interiors that reflect ambiance while attending to practical issues of comfort, durability of finishes, lighting and budgets.

luxury living spaces
Villa / House / Apartment / Bungalow

The residences we design reflects the personality of our client, their needs, their style and their persona. We develop a personal relationship with our clients to be able to translate their passion, their dreams and their vision into a design which is unique and unparalleled.

Office / Shops / Malls

We ensure that interior looks creative, sturdy, has utility & stands the test of time, by utilizing our experience, expertise talent and knowledge. All aspects like floor coverings, ceilings, cabinets, soft furnishings are considered & given their due attention right from planning stage.


On site Consultation

Interior design consultation is a great way to kick start our client’s personal art placement projects. This is often one of the interior design elements that is most important yet most often paralyzes clients. From framing to placement, this short consultation is a helpful solution.


Space planning & furniture arrangement

We present interactive furniture layout by suggesting furniture arrangements that are based on interior design guidelines. Furniture placement is challenging because it requires optimizing a variety of functional and visual criteria. Skilled interior designers follow numerous guidelines in producing furniture layouts.


Finishes & furnishings

Every interior design project begins with a conversation at your home to explore tastes, preferences, and design goals using which we create a finish palette with recommendations. Typical interior design recommendations include:
Lighting, Hardware, Custom window treatments Art, Accessories


Purchasing delivery & installation

Good designer will design to the budget you give them. Key is, be open and honest about what you can spend. Make sure both client and designer always keep main goal in mind. Preparation of purchase orders,arrangement of delivery & installation, all while consulting regularly will produce a great architecture in end.


Project survey & analysis

Based on impact of built environment on natural environment, interior designers can contribute to the creation of world that embraces environmental, economic, and social sustainability. Knowing environmental sustainable interior design will provide base to develop strategies for sustainable interior design.


Design concepts

A good architecture begins with a good design concept.From client's perspective, an interior design concept should be something that designer presents to give client an idea what the end result will look & feel like. An interior design concept is the initial blueprint of a design without the numerical specifics.


Custom designs

The "Wish List" you put together when you were getting started on what you wish your custom home should be like. You may not know exactly what you want, but you have a vision of how you want your property to look. We are here to help you with custom designs and make your imagination and wishes to turn in reality.


Project coordination & management

Sanklita coordinates and manages each and every stage of your project. Once the appropriate team is selected, then the project proceeds according to the timeline established in the concept phase. All individuals and companies utilized by Sanklita are required to be fully licensed, bonded and insured.