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Sankalita Interior Designers, much better known as RUPALI SHAH, is the pioneer in the city of Surat to introduce the concept of high end and contemporary designs 15 years back. The phrase “Change is the only Constant” is completely justified with the kind of out results this firm delivers. Comfort, Style and Function are always given. We invest time in getting to know each of our clients and learn what will enhance their lives. We always remain flexible and learn from our clients as well as have our clients stretch and see our perspectives. We specialize in using economic materials in its best possible aesthetical sense by applying it on ceilings, walls and flooring. All this and more with completion of the project in the most constraint time frames. SANKALITA brings a fresh and innovative approach to consulting clients. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding service, innovative concepts and user friendly designs.

Our team comprises of 8 colleagues who are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most efficient and comfortable service. Our in-house staff are quite comfortable with handling about 15-20 projects at any given time. This is all due to the healthy and competitive work spirit experienced in the firm with young and youthful staff ready to work to their extreme and finish the deliverables on time. RUPALI SHAH is very selective when it comes to taking on new projects. Prior to accepting a project, we consider various factors like the location, the mind frame of clients, the budget, scope to explore in design etc. In the pallet of offered projects we touch Hospitality, Residential and selective offices with a relief of landscape treatments to the outdoors.

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Each of the projects have unique settings with inspiring designs that provide luxury and style without compromising in comfort and functionality to develop the interiors which are bold, distinctive and offer a seamless progression throughout. We prefer balance between aesthetics and design elements with a variety of expressions reflecting the cuisines in the interiors. It has been challenging as well as satisfying to be involved in the design of interiors that reflect ambience while attending to practical issues of comfort, circulation, durability of finishes, lighting and budgets.


The residences we design reflect the personality of our clients, their needs, their style and their persona. We develop a personal relationship with our clients to be able to translate their passion, their dreams and their vision into a design which is unique and unparalleled. We provide complete services from interior designing a residential space to handing over to the client a complete home within a mutually agreed time schedule and budget to suit their requirements. We ensure that the interior looks creative, is comfortable, has utility, is sturdy and stands the test of time, by utilizing our resources, experience, expertise talent and our knowledge of construction materials and methods. Our design services cover preparation of layouts, detailed drawings, color schemes and themes, furniture, lighting, air conditioning, network, electrical, safety, plumbing etc. All aspects like floor coverings, ceilings, wall finishes, furniture, cabinets/wardrobes, soft furnishings like bed dressing, sofa fabrics, drapes and sheers are considered and given their due attention right from planning stage.